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Utilize Strategic Power Systems, Inc. (SPS®’) partnership with OSIsoft to leverage your existing investment in data capture technology.
Reliability Benchmarking and Thermal Performance Data that provides you with information to make informed business decisions.
Capture expended life of each individual serialized part for life management and outage planning.

Harnessing the power of your data has never been so easy.

Data First

Data is what we do.
​There is no system in the world that collects power plant data in such a comprehensive way as ORAP®. For more than 35 years, the Operational Reliability Analysis Program (ORAP) has been refined and enhanced to capture data from global operating power plants (gas, steam, and wind) as well as reciprocating engines. ORAP contains detailed, reliability performance data that allows our customers to compare their performance against relevant “peer groups” identifying differences and opportunities for improvement.

We are changing the way we collect data from you and enhancing the portal where information is delivered back to you. Through our partnership with OSIsoft, ORAP customers can leverage their existing investment in the OSIsoft PI System® by reporting through the PI Connected Services platform. This allows us to transform the data available in the PI System into the majority of the operational and age data required by ORAP, eliminating ~85% of the labor required to participate in ORAP while improving the accuracy and fidelity of the data.

The ORAP Analytics Portal provides all of the information that you have come to rely on from ORAP, with a more intuitive, visually appealing interface. ORAP Analytics allows you the flexibility to see all of your data (and peer group benchmarking) at a high level and then drill down into the statistics that mean the most to you. Don’t worry, the data is processed the exact same way it always has been, with our reliability engineers reviewing almost e​very piece that comes in and applying industry standards, all that is changing is we are making it easier for you to access the information.​​​ 
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