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June 1
NEW ORAP Analytics Dashboard - Component Downtime Listing

As of 4 June 2021, there will be a new Dashboard available in the ORAP Analytics Portal for all customers.  This new dashboard is called "Component Downtime Listing". 

This dashboard provides a summary of Events in ORAP, both by the number of hours and incidents, experienced by your Plant versus your selected Peer Group. You will notice that the report is sorted first by the "Total Hours My Units" column and then by the "Total Hours Peer Group" column. This report can be easily exported to Microsoft Excel using the hamburger menu at the top of the screen and then by clicking on "Export Data."

The goal of this dashboard is to show you how your Events compare to the Events happening in the fleet, while also showing you outages that are happening that you have not experienced.  

Please see the flyer attached. 

March 25
Enhanced Combustion Dynamics Monitoring – Now Available in ORAP® Asset Insight™

SPS has partnered with Turbine Logic, a leader in the monitoring of power generating assets and consulting services, to offer their proprietary Dynamics+ Combustion Dynamics Monitoring System (CDMS) through ORAP Asset Insight.  Employing advanced Machine Learning and Physical Modeling, Dynamics Plus can detect combustion hardware, instrumentation, and tuning issues weeks to months ahead of traditional alarm based monitoring. 

We are excited to offer this new function as part of our automated data collection suite called ORAP Asset Insight.  For more info, email us at

Dynamics+ Value Image.png

March 22
Big Data Unlocks Potential for "Smart Plants" - Gas Turbine World Article

Just as smartphones revolutionized everyday life, the prospect of "smart power plants" may hold the same promise for the nation's energy infrastructure.

Sal DellaVilla, CEO of SPS was recently published in Gas Turbine World Magazine alongside Edgar Lara-Curzio from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and David E. Alman, from NETL Research & Innovation Center on the topic.   

The article takes a closer look at the innovative approach for assessing near real-time data from power generating assets with meaningful predictive analytics and the project that the three organizations, Strategic Power Systems, Inc., ORNL, and NETL are actively working on.  

The project focuses on PREDICTION, BENCHMARKS, MACHINE LEARNING, and OPERATIONS, as its foundation.  

Realizing the Promise of Big Data for building the Power Plants of Tomorrow - from Gas Turbine World - FINAL HIGH RES.pdf

For more information, please contact Lynne at  

February 26
New Equipment Group Categorizations in RAM Analytics

In the ORAP Analytics Portal, we have introduced new filtering capability for "Equipment Groups" in the right filter choices. This new option will only apply when you are viewing the Equipment/RAM KPIs, Operations, or Downtime Dashboards. We have streamlined the choices in a "tree hierarchy" to help you better select the equipment you want to see data on.

Please see the attached for full details on the enhancement.

ORAP Analytics Portal - Equipment Group Categorizations (January 2021).pdf

April 22
ORAP RAM Data Entry Enhancement - Outage Mechanism versus Event Type Alert

​When adding or editing an Event in RAM Data Entry, users will now be alerted if they specify an inappropriate Outage Mechanism Code (OMC) for the selected Event Type. 

Please see the attached for full details on the enhancement.

Enhancement in ORAP RAM Data Entry - Outage Mechanism versus Event Type Alert (April 2020).pdf

February 13
Future Shock, Where are we, where are we heading? - Article in Combined Cycle Journal

Sal DellaVilla - Managing Director of GTA and CEO of Strategic Power Systems, provides Guest Commentary to Recent Issue of Combined Cycle Journal in an article titled Future Shock, Where are we, where are we heading? "Control the waves of change or be overtaken by them. We need to heed this message. Climate change is real. Addressing this major global challenge means embracing the best mix of energy technologies. Gas-turbine technology, now and in our future, is a major part of the "Clean Energy Solution."

Read Full Article Here:

Future Shock - Where are we, where are we heading (Article January 2020).pdf

October 15
Sal DellaVilla, CEO of SPS, named Managing Director of Gas Turbine Association

​Salvatore DellaVilla, CEO of Strategic Power Systems, Inc. has been named Managing Director of the Gas Turbine Association (GTA), effective January 1, 2020. Sal will replace William H. Day, who has served in the role since the group’s inception in 1995.

“I am excited to have Sal – an accomplished industry luminary - lead the association forward and am incredibly grateful for Bill’s leadership and continued partnership.” Guy DeLeonardo, GM, GE Gas Power Systems & Gas Turbine Association Chairman. “Sal’s demonstrated leadership and expertise in energy markets and the gas turbine industry will well serve the GTA’s goals of advancing clean, cost-effective, and reliable gas-based power generation.”

Sal looks forward to continuing to reinforce the message that gas turbines, today and tomorrow, are and will continue to be an integral part of the Clean Energy Solution; driving down emissions while, providing flexible load and ancillary services, and effectively integrating with renewable energy systems. 

Want to be engaged in the discussion?  Visit to learn about the work GTA is doing in the marketplace.  You can also email Lynne Bellizzi at for more information.

Read the Full Press Release Here

July 29
​Call for Papers - ASME Turbo Expo 2020, London England!

The Electric Power Committee has shared the attached call for papers for the 2020 conference.

Do you have a case study or operator perspective to share? Submit an abstract for consideration today! Deadline is 4 October 2019

EPC - Call for Papers 201907.pdf

June 25
SPS Engineering & Data Studies - Our Experience

There is no system in the world that collects power plant data in such a comprehensive way as ORAP​®.  SPS has been performing Engineering, Reliability and Data Studies since our inception in 1987.  Take a look at our newest Experience List and let us know if there is anything we can help you with.

Engineering and Data Studies - Experience (June 2019).pdf

June 11
New ORAP Case Study - Automated Data Reporting - Increase Accuracy and Productivity

​We have just published a new Case Study titled "Automated Data Reporting - Increase Accuracy and Productivity".  In this document we review the experience of one of our exisitng ORAP® Asset Insight™ SaaS customers, a large company in the oil & gas industry.  The Engineer & Data Specialist we spoke with is quoted as saying, “I used to spend a full morning reviewing logs and entering data for all three plants, now it takes at the max one hour, so I am a happy customer!”

Take a look and let us know if you want to learn more!  

Case Study - Automated Data Reporting - Increase Accuracy and Productivity.pdf

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