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January 3
Automating Power Plant Data - ORAP Asset Insight - Experience Update

Welcome to 2018!

We have been working hard with many of you throughout 2017 to streamline your data reporting needs, we are happy to say that we now have 27 sites & 123 units using ORAP Asset Insight!!!

We are collecting data on Heavy Duty Gas Turbines, Aeroderivative Gas Turbines, and Steam Turbines from all of the major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Let us know if you want to learn more about how we can help!  

November 16
The NEW ORAP PDF Reports are Arriving Soon!

ORAP Customers: The new ORAP® PDF quarterly reports should be making their way to your Inbox soon!  Let us know how you like them, email us using our web form by clicking the icon below.

July 12
New SPS Immersion Video - Reporting to ORAP Starts with Your Plant Arrangement and Technology Selection

A new video has just been posted to the SPS Immersion YouTube page!  This video​ is an introduction to the ORAP RAM data entry process, and is focused on explaining how variations in Plant Arrangements and Technologies affect the RAM data required by ORAP.  Make sure you come take a look here

Stay Tuned for More to Come!

May 23
Case Study - Using ORAP to Support Wholesale Market Offer

ORAP is more than just a reliability benchmarking system.  We are here to help you with all of your data reporting needs.

The Case Study below describes how SPS worked with one of our long time ORAP participating power plants, to help support them with an offer into a US capacity market. 

Case Study - Using ORAP to Support Wholesale Market Offer RevC.pdf

May 15
NEW ORAP PDF Reports - Coming Soon

The Quarterly ORAP PDF Reports that participants receive from SPS are being updated.  Attached is a sample mock-up of what the new PDF output will look like when it is delivered in the 3rd Quarter of 2017.  Please note that this is a mock-up, the format and look-and-feel could change, but the content will remain essentially the same.

To all ORAP participants - let us know what you think. 

To those who don't participate in ORAP, email us at to learn how you can get access to this data!

ORAP Customer Quarterly Report Mock Up (May2017).pdf

February 27
Revised ORAP PDF Output - Coming in 2017

​As a follow on to the interface and reporting changes we made in the ORAP Analytics Portal™ last year, we are working to revise and reduce the PDF Output that ORAP customers get from SPS. The goal of this new PDF output will be to provide higher level RAM statistics to simplify and streamline the output that power plants get from us quarterly. Customers will be able to then access the ORAP Analytics Portal, at any point in time, to see the RAM statistics in more detail.  We anticipate that this new PDF output will be available at the end of Q3 2017 (September 2017).

If you are a current ORAP customer, your Customer Account Manager will be contacting you within the next few months to verify the people at your site that should be getting this new PDF output. They will also tell you who has access to the online ORAP Analytics Portal, so that you can make sure that everyone has access to the data that they need.

If you are not an ORAP customer and you own/operate a power plant, contact us at to learn more about what this new PDF output could mean for your business. 

January 5
SPS Immersion - YouTube Channel

Hello ​and Happy 2017!  To start off this New Year, SPS® has set up a brand new YouTube channel called "SPS Immersion™ - Online Learning".  This page is dedicated to providing comprehensive, informative videos on the ORAP® Family of products and services.  As we move through 2017, we plan to add additional videos to the page to support our customers in learning about ORAP at their pace.  As we add new features to ORAP RAM, ORAP Parts-Trac™, the ORAP Analytics Portal, ORAP Asset Insight™ and ORAP Field Service™, we will post new videos.

Please visit the channel by clicking on the logo below.  Feel free to subscribe to the page to be informed when a new video is posted!

November 28
Coming Soon... ORAP Parts-Trac 2017

We took a minute to speak to Tom Christiansen, Senior Vice President here at SPS to learn a little bit more about what is happening with the newest release of the ORAP Parts-Trac software for 2017.  


Within the next few weeks, SPS will be releasing the next generation of the ORAP Parts-Trac system.  Can you give us an idea of what the new release will contain and how this changes the way that power plants can optimize their critical and capital parts management?

Tom: "The primary change made in this latest release to the ORAP Parts-Trac product is focused on a graphical interface that allows for a more intuitive user experience.  SPS has worked with a human factors expert to design an updated user interface that simplifies the tasks related to maintaining the current status of your capital parts.  

All of the capability of the legacy system has been preserved, and several new features were added based on feedback from our users group on their additional need
such as, an intuitive drag-and-drop functionality for easily executing parts Transactions; customizable Advisories to alert you about issues with your parts data; a graphical view of all your parts currently installed in your fleet, storerooms, and repair facilities; and, the concept of Part Status which gives you a clear understanding of the “as-of-today” status of your parts (e.g., Operating, Available, Out for Repair, Repair Hold, Scrapped, etc.).  Also, we are actively working on developing on-demand analytics dashboard and forecasting capabilities to meet our customers’ parts planning needs and requirements – to be released as future enhancements (along with other capabilities). 

The end result is a system that is easy to learn, easy to use, and very powerful."

October 24
SPS joins The Energy Solutions Center (ESC)
SPS recently joined The Energy Solutions Center (ESC), a non-profit organization of utilities and equipment manufacturers.  The ESC promotes energy efficient natural gas solutions and systems for use by residential, commercial and industrial energy users.  These solutions help to maintain the competitiveness, efficiency, productivity, and profitability of an array of North American businesses and industries and save energy, enhance reliability, and improve comfort for all energy users.

Energy Solutions Center Logo.png
October 24
Rick Tomlinson - ORAP Customer from Chevron - Gives us his thoughts on the new ORAP Analytics Portal
Rick Tomlinson, Turbine Fleet Reliability Engineer from Chevron Power and Energy Management, recently shared his thoughts with us on how his company is finding benefit from the new ORAP Analytics Portal.

Rick is quoted as saying, "The new ORAP Analytics Portal allows us to quickly look at our fleet in different ways using an intuitive and responsive interface.  The dashboards in this Portal have helped us to identify new strategies across our fleet that were not obvious when we were previously reviewing more traditional static reports."

Richard Tomlinson 2.5x3.jpg
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