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February 20
Press Release: Crow Lake Wind Farm Utilizes SPS’ ORAPWind™ Product for Required NERC GADS ReportingEdit
Charlotte, North Carolina – February 19, 2019

Basin Electric Power Cooperative has successfully submitted the required NERC GADS input using Strategic Power Systems, Inc. (SPS®), automated ORAPWind reporting services for their Crow Lake Wind Farm for Q3 and Q4 2018. Operating, Event, and Performance data was collected automatically from individual wind turbines and populated in the ORAP® database. Operators were then able to login to the system and review the information and make any necessary updates.

As the NERC GADS reporting deadline approached, SPS automatically converted the reported information into the required GADS data format and provided it to the site contacts via the ORAP Analytics Portal for their review, extract, and submittal to NERC. Once the data was reviewed and approved, the data was submitted in a timely manner to NERC to satisfy Basin Electric Power Cooperative’s mandatory reporting requirement for this Wind Farm.

“As we reviewed the Wind NERC GADS requirement, we realized that this would be a lot of data entries every day in order to comply with the NERC standard. This would require additional employees entering data, and the increased possibility of error. We were looking for an automated system where the data could be collected and reviewed before submittal. SPS works well to collect the necessary data needed to fulfill our NERC reporting.” Kevin Tschosik, Manager of Distributed Generation for Basin Electric Power Cooperative quoted on the project.

ORAPWind is a cloud-based data collection and reporting service that securely delivers performance and RAM metrics, benchmarking, event analysis and other actionable data directly to plant personnel using any major browser; including the option to convert the ORAP data to the required NERC GADS format for wind turbine operators. SPS’ long-term track record of providing industry best practice analysis and RAM metrics (Monitoring and Measuring the Reliability, Availability and Maintainability Performance) for the thermal power market is now available to the wind industry. SPS developed and tested this program as part of a multi-year DOE project to evaluate wind turbine reliability and availability in the US.

“Working with Basin Electric as our first customer to utilize ORAPWind for NERC GADS reporting was a valuable learning opportunity for SPS to optimize this tool for wind farm operators. We have years of experience collecting and transforming ORAP gas & steam turbine data into the required NERC GADS input, but this project gave us the chance to leverage our experience for this new market. Collecting data automatically, transforming that data with little human input, and then exporting the information into the required format allows wind farm operators a meaningful productivity benefit. We thank Basin Electric for being our partner in this.” Tom Christiansen, SVP of SPS noted.


About Strategic Power Systems, Inc.
SPS’ philosophy is Data First. Data is what we do. We are experts in the field of data collection, validation, analysis, and benchmarking of power plant performance across the various technologies. We provide key performance metrics or (KPIs), following industry standards, to power plant owners, operators, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and other industry stakeholders through the Operational Reliability Analysis Program (ORAP®). This information allows them to make informed business decisions relating to the performance and operational readiness of their equipment. There is no system in the world that collects power plant data in such a comprehensive way as ORAP. Visit us at for more information.

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