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June 1
NEW ORAP Analytics Dashboard - Component Downtime ListingEdit

As of 4 June 2021, there will be a new Dashboard available in the ORAP Analytics Portal for all customers.  This new dashboard is called "Component Downtime Listing". 

This dashboard provides a summary of Events in ORAP, both by the number of hours and incidents, experienced by your Plant versus your selected Peer Group. You will notice that the report is sorted first by the "Total Hours My Units" column and then by the "Total Hours Peer Group" column. This report can be easily exported to Microsoft Excel using the hamburger menu at the top of the screen and then by clicking on "Export Data."

The goal of this dashboard is to show you how your Events compare to the Events happening in the fleet, while also showing you outages that are happening that you have not experienced.  

Please see the flyer attached. 


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