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Article: SPS Highlighted in Turbomachinery International Update on WTUI's 2021 Virtual Conference
Turbomachinery International - July 6, 2021
SPS' 2021 Fleet Performance update provided by Tom Christiansen, SVP of SPS Highlighted in recent TI article.
Article: Future Shock, Where are we, where are we heading?
Combined Cycle Journal Issue 62
Sal DellaVilla - Managing Director of GTA and CEO of SPS Provides Guest Commentary to Recent Issue of Combined Cycle Journal
Press Release: Energy Industry Executive Appointed as Managing Director of Gas Turbine Association
Salvatore DellaVilla, CEO of Strategic Power Systems, Inc. has been named Managing Director of the Gas Turbine Association (GTA), effective January 1, 2020.

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Upcoming Events

  • ASME Turbo Expo 2021 - Virtual
    6/8/2021 12:00:00 AM
    Virtual - June 8 2021 9:45 AM EDT - 11:15 AM EDT
  • WTUI Virtual Conference
    6/8/2021 12:00:00 AM
    Virtual - for more info visit:

Technical Papers

  • Realizing the Promise of Big Data for building the Power Plants of Tomorrow
    Sal DellaVilla, Edgar Lara-Curzio, David Alman | 03-22-2021
    The article takes a closer look at the innovative approach for assessing near real-time data from power generating assets with meaningful predictive analytics and the project that the three organizations are actively working on.
  • Future Shock - Where are we, where are we heading (Article January 2020)
    Sal DellaVilla | 01-08-2020
    ​Sal DellaVilla - Managing Director of GTA and CEO of Strategic Power Systems, provides Guest Commentary Control the waves of change or be overtaken by them. We need to heed this message.
  • Gas Turbine Operating Metrics in an uncertain energy market (Jan 2019 WTUI CCJ 2019)
    Salvatore A DellaVilla Jr | 01-16-2019
    The global market we are in today, is dynamic and very challenging. The global disruption is palpable, whether from the influx and growth of renewables or from the technical and policy changes that influence investment in conventional generating assets.
  • Energy Innovation - A Focus on Power Generation Data Capture and Analytics in a Competitive Market
    Sal DellaVilla | 06-12-2018
    This paper suggests that the present and future need for high fidelity equipment data (at a component level of detail) is not just essential for supporting engineering efforts for product evolution, but also to support effective O&M strategies.
  • SPS Preparing Aero Stats for Western Turbine's Annual Meeting - An Industry Report Card (21 January 2017)
    Sal DellaVilla | 01-21-2017
    As a part of the countdown to the 2017 WTUI conf., SPS compiled RAM key performance indicators from the company’s interactive ORAP® database for 2016 and compared them to averages for the previous five years—an industry report card if you will.
  • A Business Intelligence Portal for Reliability Benchmarking and Analytics (October 2016)
    Victor deBiasi | 10-28-2016
    SPS' new analytics portal is seen as a paradigm shift in terms of how SPS communicates and reports reliability, availability, and maintainability metrics to its ORAP Customers.
  • Efficient Use of Power Plant Process Data Improves Asset Management (9-1-2016)
    Enrique Herrera | 09-01-2016
    Power Magazine featured SPS and OSIsoft and our partnership for optimizing power plant process data to help improve asset management strategies. This article talks about the importance of data, and discusses the systems and services available from SPS.
  • Automated collection assures accurate, actionable data to support decision-making (WTUI 2016)
    Sal DellaVilla | 03-02-2016
    Sal was interviewed by the CCJ in preparation for the upcoming WTUI conference. Sal talks about how WTUI uses ORAP to aggregate data and look at meaningful analytics during the conference. Updated ORAP data for Aero units is also provided.
  • Using Turbine Data to Drive Strategy (TMI Handbook 2016)
    Sal DellaVilla | 10-01-2015
    Salvatore A DellaVilla Jr, CEO of SPS discusses recently announced partnerships and what they mean for SPS as well as turbomachinery trends and predictions.
  • (High Res) Gas Turbine World Article - ORAP Transforming to automate data input(Sept-Oct2015)
    Sal DellaVilla | 09-01-2015
    Streaming plant data can be automatically recorded and analyzed digitally to predict performance, optimize maintenance, and improve efficiency.
  • Pedigree and Performance
    Salvatore A DellaVilla Jr | 06-01-2013
    The Energy Industry continues to advance, in large part, because of tremendous machines, gas turbines (GTs) in particular, whose pedigree and performance improve to meet the demands of an ever-changing and challenging market.
  • Risk-based Assessment of Unplanned Outage Events
    Dale Grace (Electric Power Research Institute) & Tom Christiansen (SPS) | 06-11-2012
    Unexpected outages and maintenance costs reduce plant availability and can consume significant resources to restore the unit to service.
  • Updating Gas Turbine Reliability
    Salvatore A DellaVilla Jr | 01-01-2012
    A look at ORAP performance metrics for aeroderivative (aero), “E” class, and “F” class technologies across all OEMs and a wide range of owner/operators.
  • Changing Duty Cycles and Gas Turbine Reliability
    Sal DellaVilla | 03-01-2011
    The industry has grown and the technologies it relies on have advanced, but there continues to be a need to understand how powerplant equipment is performing relative to market expectations for high reliability.
  • RAM Statistics - Can Everyone Be Above the Average?
    Sal DellaVilla | 03-01-2011
    In the world of powerplant data and performance evaluation, RAM (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability) metrics have real economic value - up front as the project is defined and financed, and over time as the plant operates through its lifecycle.
  • A Historical and Current Perspective of the Availability and Reliability Performance of Heavy Duty Gas Turbines: Benchmarks and Expectations (ASME Turbo Expo June 2010)
    Sal DellaVilla (SPS) & Carlos Koeneke (Mitsubishi Power Systems America) | 06-01-2010
    This paper will address the industry focus on availability and reliability (from EPRI to DOE), and discuss the current and historical availability and reliability performance of gas turbines based on class; specifically "E" and "F" class.
  • Monitoring and Measuring the Availability and Reliability Performance (PowerGen Europe 2010)
    Carlos Koeneke (Mitsubishi Power Systems America) & Sal DellaVilla (SPS) | 06-01-2010
    The availability and reliability characteristics of today's power generation product offerings are key performance indicators for both owner/operators and equipment manufacturers alike. The use of remote monitoring systems in the power generation.....
  • Effective Utilization of Operating Data in Asset Management (ASME Turbo Expo 2009)
    Thomas Christiansen & Kate Giles | 06-08-2009
    An effective asset management system allows a business to define and measure plant performance relative to corporate & market expectations, as well as identifying potential issues that, if corrected, will improve plant profitability.
  • Tracking the Life of Critical Gas Turbine Parts (PowerGEN International 2007)
    Thomas Christiansen | 12-01-2007
    In order to accomodate changes in the gas turbine industry in the area of critical gas turbine parts, owner/operators have developed various strategies designed to minimize the lifetime costs associated with owning and operating gas turbines.
  • Direct Energy - Optimizing the Flow and Analysis of Plant Operating Data-A Strategic Information Architecture
    Anthony Ligato (Direct Energy) & Sal DellaVilla (SPS) | 01-01-2007
    To achieve Direct Energy's operational goals and objectives, they have executed a strategic information architecture that transforms real time plant operating data, across their full operating fleet, into rapid actionable information and knowledge.