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 Global Customer Base - A Sampling

 Client Profiles

​​​​​​​​​​​​Below is a sampling of photos from SPS Customers around the world.  We would love to see what your plant looks like.  Please submit your photos to us at and your site could be featured next!

JFE Steel - Chiba Mill IPP
Coyote Springs Power Generation Facility
Global Power Generation – Tuxpan
Kirkland Lake Power Full Site
Riverside Energy Resources Center in Riverside CA
Thermal Power Plant Brestanica

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 In Our Client's Words

John Baker
Riverside Public Utilities

“[ORAP] helps me...figure out what is going on with the engines and a way to send that back to the OEM to let them know what is going on in a fleet wide scale with these engines.”

Ed Fuselier
Lonestar Generation

“… Parts Tracking solves two problems for me, one is I meet with my accountants once a month and we run a depreciation model based on hours and starts and also I know where every part is and how many hours and starts and how much life is remaining and what I need to budget for.”  

Alexandra Tsiomi

"We became acquainted with SPS and ORAP from the 9FA/9FB users group.  We use the RAM summary and Availability/Reliability trends available in ORAP to benchmark our units.  The equipment trends give us some info on where the problems are in the fleet and raise awareness on specific systems.  We have benefited from ORAP in that information is critical, and ORAP provides us with consistent and comparable information."

Rick Tomlinson
Chevron Power and Energy Management (CPEM)

​"The new ORAP Analytics Portal allows us to quickly look at our fleet in different ways using an intuitive and responsive interface.  The dashboards in this Portal have helped us to identify new strategies across our fleet that were not obvious when we were previously reviewing more traditional static reports."

 Video Testimonials

Devin Chapin
Jason King
James Mysliwiec