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Run Your Plant, Not Reports

Real-Time Data Capture

By utilizing OSIsoft PI System's real time data capture expertise, combined with the industry proven reliability benchmarks in ORAP, Asset Insight customers have a powerful tool to help them make informed, data-driven decisions.  Data can be transferred into the analytic applications or "apps" by utilizing an existing PI System infrastructure at the plant, or alternatively by installing a small footprint PI System that can accept data from an existing plant historian or database.

The process begins with the customer initiating the transfer of data from their PI System through a secure node to PI Cloud Connect.  PI Cloud Connect is a multi-tenant, Cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) offering (based on Windows Azure) managed by OSIsoft that allows you to share data between PI Systems. In this case between your PI System and ORAP.

Once the data is received by SPS into our on-site PI System, the data is processed through our data validation and transformation algorithms.

Data Transformed

​The real value in any automated data capture technology is its ability to transform data points into actionable information and knowledge.  It is SPS' reliability engineering expertise that provides the backbone for this transformation logic.  It is the transformation logic that essentially turns the process tags or points into the data required to understand the ongoing reliability, availability, starting reliability, capacity and service factors of the operating asset, ultimately reflecting the performance of the plant.

Additionally, before data is sent through to any of the applications or "apps," over 600 engineering rules are used to validate the information.  These rules have been developed over SPS' 32 year history and take into account reliability engineering knowledge and logic.  As part of our standard ORAP process, all outage events are reviewed by an engineer to make sure that the information makes sense and is reliable.

Applications or "Apps"

After the raw data points have been transformed and validated, we send the necessary data points to the applications or "apps" you have chosen.  The system is designed to be modular, allowing you to choose the "apps" that make the most sense for your business.

Current Apps Available Are:

ORAP RAM Connect - Benchmark your reliability performance against your peers

ORAP GADS - Simplify the process of submitting your NERC GADS required data

Life Calculator - Automatically track the cumulative life of your equipment using embedded logic - adhering to the complex aging algorithms and calculations defined by the OEM

Operating Profile - Record each mission, from Start-Up to Shutdown, including all major states – as well as tracking fuel used and power produced at each stage

Maintenance Forecast - Project your major maintenance requirements up to 20 years.  Be predictive about when you will need to perform maintenance, based on your plant's actual operating data

RAM KPIs - Calculate and report standard KPIs required by asset management, financial management, regulatory authorities, and insurance companies

MapEx - State-of-the-Art thermal Performance Monitoring system to support decisions that optimize asset utilization.

PlantTrack - Inspect, Repair, Replacement - Continuous Assessment of Critical Locations in Steam Systems - Structural Integrity.

Predict-It™ - is a state of the art process monitoring solution provided through a partnership with Engineering Consultants Group (ECG) that utilizes Advanced Pattern Recognition (APR).  Early detection and correction of performance degradation helps to keep equipment and process systems operating at a higher efficiency, which can reduce operating costs while increasing production and safety of the plant.

For more detail see the Product Sheet to the right.

Secure Infrastructure

We know how to protect data, we have been doing it for 32 years.  Data security is a foundational pillar of the whole ORAP system.  Our customers trust that the operating information they provide to us is protected and will not be shared with anyone at any time.

With that said, we are living in a connected world. Through the use of advanced technology and the "cloud," companies are sharing data more frequently, and that is a good thing. It allows everyone involved to make more informed decisions.

With the increase in data sharing comes the concern for security. No industry understands that more than Energy. With this new connected reality, power generation facilities must ensure that the information that they are sharing is protected throughout the whole data transfer process, and that there is no physical access to the system infrastructure from outside the plant.

The ORAP Asset Insight data transfer process has been designed with all of this in mind. We have partnered with a global leader in operational intelligence, OSIsoft, to ensure that the data that comes from your plant is sent securely to the ORAP database where it is transformed into analytics to empower your decision-making.

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Run Your Plant, Not Reports


I don’t have an OSIsoft PI System, can I still use Asset Insight?

Yes. If you do not have a PI System, we can install a PI System and PI Cloud Connect Node to collect data from your current historian or DCS/Control System for the purpose of providing the data necessary for Asset Insight to SPS.  A license to the PI System would be included in your subscription to Asset Insight and is only for the purpose of collecting data for this application.

Who has access to the data I publish?

Anyone that wants to subscribe to your publication must be approved by you.  No one has access to the data unless you have specifically allowed them access through the subscription approval process.

What is PI Cloud Connect?

​PI Cloud Connect is an OSIsoft tool that allows you to easily share data between PI Systems through a secure Internet channel.  The publication-subscription model used by PI Cloud Connect allows the data owner (i.e. publisher) to have full control over who else can see it (i.e. the subscribers), with no required physical system infrastructure access.

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