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SPS Immersion on YouTube

Online Learning

ORAP SPS Immersion™ is our online customer training process that allows you to immerse yourself in our ORAP Family of Products & Services (including ORAP RAM, ORAP Parts-Trac™, ORAP Asset Insight®, ORAP Wind™, ORAP IBCT™ and ORAP Field Service™).

SPS Immersion is a "one-stop" online, interactive platform that will allow you to access high-level, value driven training modules.  Initially, we are delivering these modules via video, but our goal is to provide you with product demonstrations, relevant marketing literature, Industry Standard information, and anything you need to support your participation in ORAP.  Our goal is to have one place for you to access all of the training materials you need.

Resources Available Anytime, Anywhere

SPS Immersion is available to you anytime, anywhere.  You can access the information from wherever you are, at the office, at home, or traveling.  Likewise, you can view the content from your computer, or any of your mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.).  The SPS Immersion videos are available to you via an online YouTube Channel.  The YouTube channel is divided up into "playlists" by product category, allowing you to easily navigate to the content that you are looking for.

Our goal is to breakdown the content into short, individual videos that you can watch quickly, get the information you need and move on to other topics.  

Learn at Your Own Pace

​We want you to be able to use the SPS Immersion online training at your own pace.  We know that things get busy at work and you don't have a lot of time to spend in training courses.  So, we have built SPS Immersion so that you can access the videos, stop and start them as you please and come back to them when you have time.   This format also allows you to re-watch content that you might have forgotten, or look back at sections of the videos that you want a refresher on. 

Focus on What is Important to You
Not everything that we post on SPS Immersion is going to be important to you, we understand that.  We have built the videos and designed the YouTube page so that you can focus on what is most important to you.  This also gives you an opportunity to see into some of the ORAP products & services you might not use now, but might have benefit for you in the future.Because things at SPS are always changing, we will keep the SPS Immersion content up-to-date with our new product releases, new functionality, and in-line with enhancement suggestions made by you, our customers. We are always looking for feedback from you, topics that we might not have already covered, topics you think that we should expand upon, and concepts and ideas that you think SPS industry experts might be able to provide you with detail on.  Let us know what you think and what you feel should be added.  You can email us at any time at Service&

Take a Look at Some of the Videos Available Now

Transforming Real-Time Data: Who is SPS what is the OSIsoft Partnership? (Video 1 of 6)

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Coming Soon!

Video: ORAP Data Entry
This will be a series of videos capturing all of the major plant arrangements that submit to ORAP.  The first video will be a high-level look at the concept of multiple plant arrangements and why each plant arrangement has small differences in ORAP Data Entry.
The order of the video release will be:
  • High Level Overview of Plant Arrangements 
  • Simple Cycle
  • Multi-Shaft Combined Cycle
  • Single-Shaft Combined Cycle
  • Heat Recovery Combined Cycle
  • Fossil Steam
  • Twin-Pac

Other Videos Available on YouTube