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 ORAP Asset Insight

Data First, Data Fast, Data Fidelity

​Utilizing OSIsoft PI System’s® ability to capture real-time process data and their secure PI Cloud Connect service, ORAP Asset Insight® allows plants to receive a measurable return through reduced manual effort, improved data granularity and fidelity, and access to timely and current RAM metrics.

Building upon the proven industry reliability benchmarks currently provided by ORAP, customers have the flexibility to choose additional Asset Insight functions to fit the needs of their plant. Those functions include; the ability to track the parameters that influence capital parts age, compliance reporting to NERC GADS,
on-demand asset reports using standard Key Performance Indicators, projecting maintenance intervals based on current & future plant operations, and understanding the operating profile of the plant in terms of start time, fuel used, power output, others.


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Benchmarking Reliability Performance

Benchmark your reliability performance against peers in ORAP, the most comprehensive gas turbine plant database in the world. Understand component level detail to help formulate knowledge-based maintenance strategies based on fleet performance characteristics and best-in-class statistics.

See your plant performance measured against aggregate fleet performance in areas such as; Reliability, Availability, Service Factor, Service Hours per Start, Starting Failures, Best Practices, Frequency of Outage Incidents, Outage Duration and Causes, and Top Contributors to Unavailability, among others.


Reduce the Time it Takes to Submit Data to NERC GADS

Simplify the process of submitting your NERC GADS required data.  Automate the reporting of the data, including the insertion of all Reserve Shutdown Periods.  Once your data is in ORAP, we provide you with standard screens that allow you to convert your ORAP information into the format required by NERC.

We can even take it one step further, we can handle everything.  We will validate the data that has come in through the automated process, transform the data into the NERC GADS format for you, and submit it to NERC GADS on your behalf, taking away almost all of the reporting burden.

Simply stated, data is what we do, let us help you take care of your NERC data requirements so that you can focus on doing what you do best, running the plant.

 ORAP Field Service

Capture Data from Field Service Site Visits

Access and analyze all relevant work order data captured by your Field Personnel in a customizable, secure, and searchable database.  Field personnel enter site details including technical data on the equipment, plant operating information, inspection results, pictures, and site contacts.   Technical reports can be produced locally and all data is loaded to the central database either by connecting directly via an Internet connection, or by entering the data offline onto their computer and then synchronizing once an Internet connection is available.

ORAP Field Service allows your field personnel to produce automatic Customer Reporting, Timesheet and Expense Information, and tie it all in with operating data from your customer's facility.  The database provides your whole organization with access to a centralized repository of troubleshooting, research, and root cause analysis data.  You can use this information to more effectively monitor your assets including; site history, common issues, trending repairs, probability of failure, and overhaul forecasting.​

 ORAP Parts-Trac

Major Maintenance and Capital Parts Planning

Actively track your serialized capital parts from an interval and cumulative life perspective, identifying their expended and remaining life, as well as their location, over time.  Entire sets, or individual serial numbers, can be installed or removed with a single drag & drop action, while the program calculates the resulting impact on the life of each affected serialized part.  The application is flexible and allows for; multiple age types to be tracked simultaneously (e.g. factored hours, equivalent starts, accumulated cycles), serial number aliases, part modification tracking, and many other features critical to an effective parts tracking system.

Analytics, including forecasting capabilities, are available to support all business questions related to the support of specific equipment, sets, part numbers, and serial numbers.  The easy to read dashboard style output provides a graphical view of the units, sites, or fleet to provide input on your serialized parts in support of; outage planning, purchasing, asset valuation, LTSA negotiation, outage extensions, and many other required parts related requirements.

Combined with the automatic tracking of age values available in the ORAP Asset Insight – Life Calculator function, you can eliminate human involvement and directly link even complex age calculation formulas to your tracked parts.

Case Studies

 ORAP Wind

Leverage your SCADA and Historian Data to Increase Uptime and Decrease O&M Cost

The ORAP Wind™ online platform securely delivers cloud based performance and Reliability, Availability, & Maintainability (RAM) metrics, benchmarking, event analysis and other actionable data via the internet to your desktop 24x7.  This allows you to quickly evaluate your operations and determine whether you are achieving best-in-class results; identifying where to focus your O&M efforts.  ORAP Wind also provides you the ability to submit NERC GADS data either directly, or using SPS who is a Designated Reporting Entity (DRE) for NERC GADS.

SPS' long-term track record of providing industry best practice analysis and RAM metrics, including monitoring and measuring RAM performane for the thermal power market is now available ot the wind industry.  SPS developed and tested this program as part of a Department of Energy (DOE) project to evaulate wind turbine reliability and availability in the US.  ORAP Wind was tested over a two year period with multiple industry partners, and is now available as a service.


Asset Management Information for a Fleet of Capital Equipment

ORAP IBCT focuses on providing owners of fleets of capital equipment the tools they need to actively track their “Installed Base.”  Tracking in this sense is more than location, while that is a part of it, IBCT also looks at the characteristics of the operating assets and operating history.  For example, in the Energy industry operating history includes such things as major maintenance activities/practices, inspections, operating states, failure information, others.

ORAP IBCT leverages both the subject matter expertise within SPS as well as the proprietary and complex infrastructure already developed in ORAP.  Capturing all of the data that a system like IBCT requires is a monumental effort, SPS has already developed the tools and processes to support this information architecture.

 Customize any of our Solutions to Meet your Needs


What are some of the benefits of participation in ORAP?


​Participation in ORAP includes quarterly benchmarking reports to see your plant and unit(s) data versus the fleet of similar turbines or reciprocating engines. This report includes reliability & availability measurements, mean time data, component trends for forced & maintenance outages, and major inspection or engine removal intervals. Participants can also contact SPS with specific questions on the contents of the Quarterly Report, get clarification on event details, or even have a discussion arranged with another ORAP participant.

What is ORAP Asset Insight?  What is the ORAP Analytics Portal?  How do Asset Insight, Analytics, and PI Cloud Connect relate to one another?


​ORAP Asset Insight is a set of functions that utilize OSIsoft’s PI Cloud Connect service to capture real-time process data from sites.  These functions allow plants to receive a measurable return through reduced manual effort, improved data granularity and fidelity, and access to timely and current RAM and thermal performance metrics.  The ORAP Analytics Portal is the mechanism by which all ORAP data (including ORAP Asset Insight data) is delivered to our customers.

I report to NERC GADS and/or ISO (Independent System Operator), why report to SPS?


​In general, ORAP information is more relevant and useful to site personnel. ORAP allows the site to report events to a greater detail (component level) for more comprehensive understanding of trends and maintenance intervals.  The NERC or ISO reporting is typically at a very high level and does not provide the details necessary for a reliability benchmark beyond a general comparison. The ORAP information can be easily translated to the more generalized NERC GADS data.  SPS currently provides the ORAP GADS tool that includes a NERC GADS translation process that will provide the data and output file formats required by NERC GADS.

My IT group is concerned about sharing data through the cloud. What security measures/parameters protect my data if I subscribe to ORAP Asset Insight?

ORAP Asset Insight includes PI Cloud Connect which uses several levels of security to keep your information secure, while still allowing you access to the data you need.  PI Cloud Connect is a reliable product designed to protect your information and incorporates Microsoft Azure (see more details at The Web services used in Microsoft Azure as well as those exchanging information with on-prem components are secured by the use of certificates or access tokens and HTTPS to securely encrypt communication.  Your IT group will have full cooperation from SPS and OSIsoft IT experts during the installation and subscription periods for Asset Insight.