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Customer Support

We are here to help you.  SPS has a dedicated Service & Solutions Desk to assist you with any questions you might have on our products and services.  Email us at Service& with your questions.


For New ORAP Customers  - Entering Data into ORAP for the First Time (Things to Do Before You Sign In)

You can access the ORAP Analytics Portal to view your data using Internet Explorer version 10 or above, Chrome, Safari or Firefox.
However, when submitting data through our online Data Entry tool, you must use Internet Explorer.

  1. If you are on Internet Explorer version 10 or 11, you will need to set your browser to run in "Compatibility Mode" (click here to see how)
  2. Add ORAP to your Trusted Sites (click here to see how)
  3. Install the ORAP DE Web 2.5 Plug-In File and Allow Pop Up Blockers from SPS (click here to see how)

Some things to check if the above steps do not work

If you are still having difficulties, please email us at Service& and we will reach out to you.

For additional support, please visit the SPS Immersion - Online Learning YouTube channel to watch detailed, SPS guided videos on the value and functionality of all of the ORAP Family of Products and Services.


Need To Reach Someone at SPS?

User Forum

This forum is a place for you to speak with SPS on an ongoing basis.  If you have any questions, comments, or anything you would like to talk to us about, this is the place to do it.  Share your thoughts, insights, and helpful hints on ORAP here with other customers.  We want to hear your feedback, we want to know what enhancements you are looking for in the system, we want to hear from you! 

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Software Updates

There are no software updates at this time.